Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Happy New Year 

Well it's hard to believe that 2004 is upon us already. I must say the whole festive season has been viewd by me froma completely different angle this year. Although we still managed to see in the New Year over a couple of beers and fortunatley for me Patrice had organised the placements so that the gap in between placement 1 and placement 2 was right on New Years day which meant that I could take the day off. The idea of not just having to work over that period but the fact that everyone is working just seemed a little bit too strange to me. Anyway if you haven't noticed on the sidebar to the right of this very post there are now some new links. One of them is to the CRP webpage which is managed by resident strategic genius and general all round great bloke Adrain, this has regular updates on the kind of stuff that CRP is up to if you're interested at all. The other webpage is designed by Damo, one of the AYAD's and has lots of photo's of some of the shenanigans that we've been up to lately. For all the pictures of Festivus, Christmas and New Year click.

Tonight am going to a colleagues place, actually he works across the hall with Adrian in fundraising. There is some special celebration because his son has reached the age where he eats his first rice. Am not sure exactly what the story is but it will be the first time for me to meet the little tacker and I feel kind of special myself as Adrian and I were the only people from CRP invited. It is quite a special moment for Subrato as well as not long before I came he lost his first son died. Apparently he just got sick one day with a fever and never really recovered. It's this kind of thing that really knocks you around a bit here in Bangers. Almost everyone that you talk to has lost a brother, sister or parent. These kind of things just aren't thought about in Australia any more because the reality is that they don't happy very often.

Also celebrated the first birthday of Ahorna, my boss Nila's daughter. Not surprisingly she was a bit distressed about the whole ordeal and ended up in tears. I was feeling pretty sad too because all I could think about was my mate Tom and Logans first birthday and how I'd missed his second one and probably wouldn't see either of them for a while. It's funny the things that make you sad not to be at home.

Anyway there about to close up the email room so I'll post again soon. Check out the link above and you'll see that Mick is just as much of an idiot as you remember, and to all the kids out there, wrestling on tile floors is not highly recommended.
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