Thursday, April 08, 2004


OK here it is as far as I know.....

9:00am 14th April, arrive in Canberra

Weekend of 24th April, in Sydney, possibly a few days either side.

Weekend of May 1st, in Canberra for Mum and Dad's 30th Anniversary

6th May in the evening leave canberra.

Obviously there are many omissions and this is a very rough guide but it should give you a general idea.

Can't wait to see you all!!
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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Last Post... 

Well there is a good chance that this will be my last post before I am back in Australia to harass you all in person. Needless to say the last few weeks have been quite hectic and it is all I can do to try and get my head around the things I need to do before I leave, actually doing them all is proving even more difficult. This has not been assisted by my new found fame as a rockstar, and failing career as a darts professional which have both required me to travel to Dhaka excessively.

We had a new volunteer, another AYAD arrive last week and she is settling in just fine. I think she'll be pretty good value and we have some common interests such as bushwalking etc. Although compared to her experiences in this area I feel like a bit of a novice, at least it gives us something to dribble on about when the power goes out.

She had a very interesting introduction to CRP as the day before she arrived I thought it would be incredibly funny to use the internet application form for my own amusement and sent one to Saifullah, the volunteer coordinator who I am constantly harrassing about his moustache. Most of this application was moustache related and I assumed that being a reasonably intelligent person he would have picked up on it but apparently not. Ahhh well it appears that much of my humour goes well over people's heads here so it is nice to have another aussie in the office who can laugh at me.

Anyway other amusing anectdotes must be saved for either personal or phone communications as I am severely running out of time... Although I did manage to find out that the raiders had a win at home... nice work boys.

Maybe I will try to put up a tentative itinery of what I will be doing in Oz but hope to catch up with you all at some stage and hear all the stories from home... I definitle plan on boring you all with stories from here..
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