Thursday, December 09, 2004

Homeward bound 

Well despite the insanity of leaving and the fact that I am well behind on my workload I am still very excited about coming home. Australian summer with all the associated trimmings, BBQ's, beer, cricket, the beach, these are things that are just not the same in Bangladesh. Not to mention the fringe benefits associated with this trip like new nephew to play with and the obvious holidays and associated shenanigans.

In case I wasn't busy enough AIB is playing the BAGHA christmas party on Friday night which in terms of attendance could be our biggest gig yet. Should be a blast but basically writes off the weekend and a good part of Saturday morning for doing anything constructive. It's hard being a lecturer and a rock star at the same time. It's a tough life here.

Anyway can't wait to be home and kick it aussie summer style.
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